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This New Hip Hop Trend Blows Our Mind Off With Its Glitter

It is almost a sensation when the hip hop culture introduces a new sense of fashion into the world through their concert tours and music videos. Everybody aspires to follow the trend thereof creating a new style in the process. There was a time when these music artists wore gaudy outfits and a lot of bling which was soon adopted by their followers generating a new mode into the world of fashion. This trend and style adoption does not however just stop with the clothes and hand accessories. It was in the 1980s when wearing grills became widely famous. Though Mayans were using the grills a long period ago, only their use by the hip hop artists in the early 1980s made them prominent among people. In the contemporary, several music artists of different genres from rap, pop etc… are using gold teeth

A Library Of Grills Can Be Found Online To Emulate The Trend

Following its wide spread usage even by people of general population, several grill stores marketing these gold teeth can be found online. These grills prominently gold plated brass comes in both 14K and 18K. They can also be purchased with diamonds and silver features attached to them. Grills are also available in black gold, white gold and platinum. Unlike the old days, where grills were not custom made, in the present, all of the grills available in the market are personalized according to your teeth measurements. They assure the best of quality at an affordable price rate for each of the grills. Fitting these 6, 8 gold plated top and bottom teeth sets over your teeth have no complications and can be used safely. Even vampire sets with fangs are molded in grills.


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