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Gold Grillz-one smile wins the million hearts.

Smile is adorable. Smile with the glittering teeth gives the beautiful look. And here we go with the Gold Grillz. New trend with New look. Gold Grillz is made up of 10 karat or 24 karat gold. Grillz are the jewelry wear on the teeth. This jewelry made up of gold, platinum or silver. Grillz are made up from metals and designed with some stone or gems.Gold Grillz

Grillz fashion started from the hip hop artist from 80’s and still continuing in 20’s also. Even we can see the gold teeth in mythological stories. There is age limit to wear the grillz. Grillz can wear by any one easily and it is removable also. There will be the standard size of these grillz are available in the market. Initially they can order and get the demo size grillz from online. Now we can get the different designs and sizes in online also. The color of the gold varies from yellowish to pink. Again it depends on the karat of the gold. Now permanent gold grillz is also available in the market. Cost of the grillz varies from 100 to thousand dollars. It also depends on the karat of gold and gems or stone used on it.

Gold Grillz are safe to wear??

There are huge research is going on Grillz. It might be gold, platinum or silver, short term is safe but permanent wearing causes health hazards. Gold grillz gives trendy look to the smile. These started from the hip hop artist, they wear during the stage performance to attract the audience. And now there are huge fans for the hip hop artist and they are following there fashions. Now in market there is there is a huge demand for the gold grillz. There are different designs and offers are available for Gold Grillz.

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